vegan: We can feed the world—we *must* feed the world—with plants. You can’t really argue against a diet full of grains beans and fruits and veggies. It’s the best, cheapest way to achieve a truly sustainable food system.

  • ip: In fact, veganism is the antithesis of a sustainable diet. There are no credible experts on sustainable agriculture/agro-ecology who call for people to become vegans or even vegetarians. Even those who strongly argue for significantly reduced meat consumption, like Tara Garnett, recognize the importance of livestock for agricultural sustainability. It’s only people who START from a vegan/vegetarian/AR/anti-meat position who contend that the elimination of meat and other animal foods from the diet is necessary for sustainability. In contrast, true sustainability experts recognize that biodiverse agriculture that includes the production of meat and other animal foods is essential to insure global food security in the coming decades, particularly in the most “at risk” parts of the developing world.
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QuestionI grew a tomato plant using fish tank water as the main fertilizer, those are the sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted. But how do militant vegans grow their own food without using animal products in their fertilizers? Most fertilizers usually have some form of manure and/or decomposed carcasses. Plant based mulch usually has no effect on helping make plants grow and fertilizers that have some form of animal product or by-product have proven the best results for growing my plants (1/2). Answer
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QuestionAaaaah I just read through a shitton of this blog and I love it! But I noticed something- a lot of vegan food that's trying to taste nonvegan has flavor additives like liquid smoke. I, personally, cannot ingest it or else I get horribly sick. Actually, a lot of my family has allergies and intolerances to flavor additives I see pop up in the supposed 'healthier' 'vegan' food. Wonder what I'm supposed to do about that, along with my myriad of odd allergies to fruits&vegtables. Answer

Well, you see, if you have allergies it’s because you’re not vegan. If you eat the vegan food that triggers your allergies it’ll actually cure your allergies, and you’ll be super healthy! Or dead. Either way you won’t have allergies anymore.


inb4 we lose a bunch of followers because “ugh I didn’t follow this blog for sjw shit”.


Questionanon needs to stop talking and just apologize to all the queer people they insulted and to think about their actions if they think you can't be queer and NB at the same time; queer is a reclaimed slur and blanket term and quite honestly if this nonqueer person can't figure out vbfy's gender then maybe they should stop trying and like... educate themselves without talking to some gross truscrum or w/e Answer
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QuestionHey! The last anon here. No, don't get me wrong! I'm completely a-okay with queer people, non-binaries and stuff. I have friends that are non-binary and I apologize in the first place if I said something offensive. I pushed off the limit. Is just that from one day to another, vegan-because-fuck-you is queer, non-binary and ??? That doesn't seem to make up in my head. Maybe they DO have their reasons, but... idk maybe it's just a biased thought. Btw, you're totes NOT a special snowflake <3 Answer

This whole thing really irks me. Especially the part about “oh it’s totes okay I have queer friends and stuff”. 

Maybe you should be less concerned with people’s genders and sexualities when they didn’t ask for your opinions about it.

And FYI, if you call any queer person a ~*~special snowflake~*~, you’re calling all queer people that. You don’t get to pick and choose your favourites.


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Question>animal companions. That is missing on the fucknovegans bingo. Put it now. In another topic, vegan-because-fuck-you 'going queer' and asking to refer themselves to 'they/them' confirms my theory about him being a *~*~*~* PRETTY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE *~*~*~* Answer

Dude, can you not?

Like the animal companions thing is fine, whatever.

But as much as I dislike vegan-because-fuck-you, I’m not okay with you using terms like ‘going queer’ and calling someone a ‘special snowflake’ for requesting you use their preferred pronouns. You’re kind of being a massive piece of shit.

-Sgt XIII, another special snowflake that went queer a long time ago


I’d have a hell of a lot more appreciation for that cute cow photoset if it didn’t come from this blog:


…and yeah; white girl with one of those disingenuous kill counters in her sidebar, too.


I know that on any day that includes a down cow, if Mercy for Animals was undercover on our dairy farm, they could make a video and post it on YouTube and it would convince millions of people that I am an animal abuser in just a few short moments. On a good day, after giving it our all the cow gets up. She is sullen, scared and probably hates us but she is alive. The video would never show that. That part doesn’t fit what they want to tell you.

Mercy for Animals, PETA, Compassion Over Killing and other animal rights groups like to include video footage of these kinds of situations to try and turn people against me and my industry. Yes, some videos also show true abuse and I absolutely do not condone animal abuse. I am NOT making excuses for abusers. They deserve to rot. But I hope the next time another one of these abuse videos comes out that shows a down cow situation people take a little longer to think about what they saw and how they would handle that kind of situation.

I love my cows and that means sometimes I have to be mean to them.

Question"you disagree with my feeble opinion! clearly YOU'RE a troll!" Answer